The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook

September 14, 2013

vtfarmtablecookbookLiving in Vermont provides me with a wealth of fresh fruits and vegetables in the spring, summer and fall.  Many of them organic.  I’ve always felt Vermont was on the cutting edge when it came to organic food and with a trend called locavore.

What is a Localvore?

A Localvore is a person dedicated to eating food grown and produced locally.  There are a lot of good reasons to eat locally grown and produced food.

  • Less resources (primarily fossil fuels) are expended packaging and transporting local food.
  • It supports the local economy – more money remains in our local community.
  • It is healthier – processing and preservatives are less important since the food doesn’t have to travel so far.
  • It is safer and thus localvores are less susceptible to foodborn illnesses.
  • It is more honest – honesty in terms of the food source (i.e. organic seeds vs. GMO seeds) and the growing/producing process. It has to be! We are all neighbors.
  • If for no other reason – IT TASTES BETTER!

From May until October, almost every day of the week, there is a Farmer’s Market going on where I can pick up fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, plants, flowers and artisan goods.  It was from the Burlington Farmer’s Market that I was introduced to The Vermont Farm Table Cookbook.  The book is more than a cookbook though.  It’s a journey through Vermont with an introduction to local farmers, producers, restaurants and more.  Filled with amazing photography of Vermont’s countryside, the farms where our food is produced and the communities that embrace the localvore culture.

……and of course the food.  oh….the food.  Tonight for supper we enjoyed the Moroccan-Style Chicken with Apricots and Almonds served over the Mediterranean Couscous Pilaf.



 disclaimer:  I was provided a copy of the cookbook for review.

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