Dorot Herbs

October 1, 2011

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping at a nearby healthy foods store and spotted these amazing, easy-to-use frozen herbs. I was a bit skeptical on whether the flavor would be just as good as a fresh herb, and was pleasantly surprised.

It seems like whenever I purchase fresh herbs I only use a small portion of it before the rest of it goes bad. Having “fresh” herbs in the freezer makes it quick and easy to use. In the long run, I think I’ll end up saving money also.

This past week I was staring in the freezer trying to find something to eat for lunch. I spotted my Chicken Cilantro Wontons, a box of mixed veggies and then spotted my new-favorite-friend frozen cilantro. I cooked up a portion of the wontons, added in the veggies and popped two cubes of cilantro in the pan. Sauteed and Voila! a healthy lunch was born.

This week while at a local Shaw’s grocery store, I picked up the parsley and basil trays of frozen herbs. I can’t wait to try them this week.

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